AR Bayanaka Design- About us-Your Sub Title Here

AR Bayanaka Design- About us-Your Sub Title Here

About us

AR-Bayanaka Design is a firm specialized in AR (Augmented Reality) projects development and related contents production.
Our goal is to provide an efficient and affordable AR platform with superior overall quality and attention to details.

Augmented Reality is the next big technological revolution that combines together the digital and the Real World, and the result of this blend will dramatically change our life in a way we can not even imagine. 
We as AR developer, commit to assist those entities that are ready to jump in this new ‘AR-Era’.

Our team is constantly studying and developing AR infrastructural applications (apps), and augmentation working solutions, in order to offer to any client, coming from any industry an ‘AR-Menu’.

We will then support our clients in assemble, personalize and maintain their AR platform app with contained augmentations.